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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Funny Things They Say

Some of the funny things that Hunter has said recently....

During Fiesta, he got to eat some "Pot 'n Candy." (Cotton Candy) He better NOT be eating Pot and Candy!

Today, he told me, "Let's play Hide and Sink."

He looks at me and says, "You're so cute." When I reply and say, "You are the cutest," he will say back to me, "You're the cutest Mom." Awww!

Still will ask me, "Is it trying to get dark outside?"

He will tell me, "Mom, gur-rels like pink and purple and boys like blue."

If we offer him something he does not want, he will tell us, "That's not my favorite."

Randomly will remark, "You are a silly goose, Mom."

After something funny, he will squint his eyes and say, "That's so si-lly."

He will report to me after school that, "They sing too much songs in chapel."

When I explain something or show him how something works, he will simply say, "Cool."

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