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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh What Fun!!!

We had a great time in Seaside last week! It's never fun to go back to "real life" after such a relaxing and picturesque vacation.

You feel like you are in another world when you are in Seaside. The streets are brick paved, there is a town center with a large grassy knoll, fun beachside restaurants and outdoor shopping and houses that are all different colors each with their own unique white picket fences. Seaside was the location for the movie, The Truman Show, and you do feel like you are in a perfect little world. We stayed in Watercolor which is cozied right up next to Seaside and wraps around the back of Seaside. The house we were in backed up to Seaside, so we could jump on our bikes and ride down a little path and be right in Seaside. Watercolor also is a beautiful place with gorgeous homes, a beautiful lake, wooded areas, walking and bike paths and incredible landscaping. Everyone in the area rents bikes and that becomes your main mode of transportation through the day. We would load up on bikes to head to town for ice cream, go to the beach or pool or just ride around. Hunter loved it! Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great trip! We had the best time!

Hunter heading towards the airport. He loved having his own bag to carry on. Funny story... a couple of days before we left, Hunter would tell me he packed his bag. I dumped it out one night after he had gone to sleep to see what he packed. In it was: a t-shirt, a bathing suit, a pair of underwear, his wallet and a cap gun. Yep! Ready to go!

This is the house we rented. It was so neat with great porches- both screened and open air. The 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms were on the bottom floor off a large screened porch. Upstairs was one large room that had a big family room, powder room, kitchen, dining room and 2 porches.

This is looking at the back of the house. We parked our bikes back here and there was a paved "alley" with bike paths that cut right through to Seaside.

The kitchen.

Here is the dining room.

The family room looking towards the kitchen and dining areas.

The master bedroom downstairs. I have no idea what all the spotty things are on the picture.

Kristin and I posing before our first night in Seaside. She suggested that posing with your arms on your hip makes your arm look skinnier- as you can see, it's worth a try!

Uncle Blake straight out of the car from a long drive from College Station and so excited to see Baby Blake. Looks like the feeling is mutual!

Chris and Blake are SO happy to be there!!

Daddy and Hunter enjoying the ocean. It was so sweet to watch how much Hunter counted on Daddy to make him feel safe out there.

Blake loved the buggy that we attached to the back of my bike. I'm telling you- it was a total workout to drag that behind me, but he loved it! So fun!

The Boys...Uncle Blake, Chris, Hunter, and my Dad (No baby Blake in that pic)

Hunter and I waiting on the swing at Fish out of Water

Blake sitting on the beach- his very first time ever!

The boys posing on the beach. Hunter really couldn't be troubled with my requests for pictures. He had much to do out there!

Hunter loving on a huge fish in the restaurant.

Me and Blakey under the umbrella- see, I really was on the trip too!

My dad and Blake having fun.

Big Bwake- as Hunter calls him- playing with Hunter in the pool.

Hunter and Chris out looking for creatures.

Blake and Chris playing one of the many games of washers on the beach.

Blake and I once again- he wasn't quite sure what was so great about the beach.

Thanks to my mom and dad for such a great trip!


Spotted-Bird said...

Looks like so much fun. I love your hair. It is really cute and great for the summer.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Looks like lots of fun....Love your music .....Enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I am still finding my way around blogland....I always love making new friends..I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by. Commenting automatically puts you in the drawing for the June giveaway.

The Maguire's said...

Hi Natalie!! I didn't know you blogged!! I loved catching up with your family. It looks like things are going really great with your 2 boys!! Email me and I will send you my blog invite.