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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can't believe how much he has grown!

Today was Hunter's last day of school. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of him before he headed out the door. He looks so grown up compared to the pictures I took of him the first day of school.

Here he is in September. Notice what he is doing with his hand.

Here he is in May- nearly 3 1/2 years old. See the hand- it's the same thing! Oh, and he's taller too!

Sitting on the steps the first day of school....

... and now on the last day. What a goof ball!

Here he is heading to school...

... and heading back home ready for SUMMER!!!

Thank you Miss Missy and Miss Tobey for a great year! Hunter had a ball! Thank you for teaching him the "ways" of school- hallway hands, how to sit at circle time, walking in a line, taking turns, being patient... the list could go on and on. This morning, as I stood in his classroom getting the party underway, I overheard them say, "Close your eyes, give your head a nod, now it's time to talk to God." Isn't that sweet? Hunter really enjoyed school- really never looked back. He has grown in so many ways- he sings now! I think the teachers can vouch that he sings LOUDLY in chapel, and even though he may not keep the beat, he loves to clap and stomp his feet to the music. He has come home with the cutest art projects and placemats. The kids call him "Hunter Jones" since there is another "Hunter" in the class. He insists on having his things labeled, "Hunter Scott Jones," and it tickles me to get an art piece of his with the name Hunter Scott Jones in the corner. Ha! Today, he was thrilled beyond belief to be the "wine weader"- (line leader) and was almost physical about getting in HIS place. He was turned backwards in his chair at lunch talking to Abby and said, "Tell me that funny joke again. I weally wike it. It's so funny!" Ahhh- it breaks my heart and makes me so happy at the same time to see him with his friends, in his own little life that really is separate from me. It's a good thing. Anyway, here he is with his teachers, Tobey and Missy. Thanks for the great year!!

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