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Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been awhile...

...and I feel very boring, but here's what we've been doing.

Hunter insisted on getting in the giant storage tub that is filled with miscellaneous stuff (basically stuffed animals that have no other place). He wanted Blake to get in with him, so this entertained them while I organized other things in Blake's room for about 10 minutes.

Blake finally getting the thrill of being in a box.

We were so excited that Summer and Brandon and the boys were in SA for a couple of days. We did our annual dinner out at La Hacienda and the boys had a blast playing together. We got to meet them out at the hotel for an evening of swimming, smores and dinner. We had a great time! We love it when we can get together and the boys don't skip a beat.
Adam and Blake stretching out on the bed before braving the blazing 100 degree heat out at the Hill Country Hyatt.

Hunter, David and Ryan cooling off poolside with a snowcone. Yum~

I've noticed a twinge or rather an enormous, overwhelming sense that Hunter is favoring his daddy these days. While it's completely normal, his seems magnified beyond what I am willing to accept. So, in all fairness, I thought it was time for a little "date night" with my Hunter. It was all his agenda- so we did the train in the park and then dashed over to the movie fee-a-ture for the movie "Up." It was really cute and we indulged in all things movie... a giant popcorn, a Coke for me and a Root Beer for Hunter. He talked big about getting icecream afterwards, but we were sugared out.

We went to the lake this weekend and Blake thoroughly enjoyed the pool. He's fully sitting up now if you can't tell. Yippee!

Oh, back to the Hyatt... all smiles watching the big boys swimming.

...and as icing on the cake, "Happy Early Halloween from the little boy that is officially 3 and a half TODAY!" He insisted on walking around for about an hour in his vinyl Buzz Lightyear costume. Can you say hot??


Libby said...

Oh wow...I just laughed out loud at the office!! This is TOO CUTE!! Love the updates, Nat, and what a sweet date with your oldest guy!!

Spotted-Bird said...

Sounds like y'all have had a busy summer so far. Fun in the sun. The VERY HOT sun!

Ebes said...

They are just too cute Natalie!