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Friday, May 8, 2009

Show us Where you Live Friday!!

A little preview....

Welcome to our home!
This is such a fun thing to be able to "tour" other peoples' houses. I love to visit other peoples' houses. Anyway, welcome to the Jones House! Come on in!

This is the front door opening into our entry hall or foyer (whatever you want to call it!). This actually used to be the front porch long ago when the house was first built. Our house was built back in the 1950's, so it has a lot of history. Anyway, the entry hall used to be the front porch and was later closed in. Therefore, it has these red outdoor tiles that are throughout other homes in our neighborhood. So this is what you see when you come through the door.

Like I said in my kitchen post, I love the country french look. Therefore, my home tends to gravitate towards that comfortable, warm style. This is the living room. I love all things toile, drapes with fringe, barley twist wood, overstuffed pillows, skirted tables, tassles, drapes that puddle on the floor, blue and white, platters on the wall, English Staffordshire pieces, antique biscuit barrels, neat old wood boxes, etc....

Looking through the archway from the dining room. I am not a big fan of the TV in the corner, but when this was our only living area, we had to have one in here. As you will see, there's not really a big wall space to put a TV in a piece of furniture, and when we bought this, flatscreens over the fireplace weren't the in thing yet.

This is the original mantle and gas heater. It's not a real fireplace behind that rod iron screen. It's an old gas heater that is heavenly warm when it gets really cold. Once, we had no heat and turned that puppy on. It made the room nice and toasty. We have debated making it a real fireplace because I love the real deal.

This is the room looking from the dining room again. The room to the far right is a little sunroom that sits adjacent to the entry hall. It was part of the original porch too. My picture of that room turned out really dark. Not sure why.

Looking back towards the corner towards the opening from the entry hall is an original feature of the house. It's a little cut-out and shelves. I love the little bench below it.

I keep my little limoge boxes on these shelves.

We truly LIVE in this room. This is looking from the kitchen into our family room. This is one of the rooms that we added on to the house.

This is looking from the dining room into the family room. This room serves as family room, TV room, playroom, you name it! The ceilings are pitched with a beam running across the top.

This is looking from the dining room straight towards our bedroom. The doors to the right lead out to the patio and backyard.

We did built-ins on either side of the fireplace. I love having a place to display things. We had NO shelves in this house before we added on.

The fireplace with the flatscreen over it. That's totally Chris' touch! We did a stucco mantle with a brick hearth. I really love it and it's my original design that I came up with when we were adding on.

The most comfortable, veg out couch in the world and a coffee table I initially was terrified that I hated when we brought it in the house and now I love.

This is the wall opposite the kitchen. It was a big, blank, taupe wall and was very overwhelming to decorate or even know what to do. Thanks to my mom, this is what we came up with and I love it. The chair on the right is my perch.

Looking back into the kitchen. There's Hunter's little table that he eats at and the 2 barstools at the counter. It's been a great place for lunch and breakfast. :)


Kristine said...

Your house is beautiful!

Hope you have a wonderul Mother's Day!


tlm said...

I just love your house!! It has such character!

Danielle said...

What a neat home! I really love the entry hall, the floor adds character. My great grandparents house had a little built in shelf like yours. It was my fav becuase it always had a candy jar on the bottom shelf for us to help ourselves to.

Rachel said...

I really like that blue and white bowl!

Michelle Cearley said...

Lots of character! love it

Aimee said...

Your house is so nice! I love the mantle in the living room.

Carrie and David said...

Very beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

Your home is beautiful! I love the french country look too!

Anna said...

You have a nice, warm, cheerful home - thanks for the tour!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I love your fireplaces and the built ins! You have a beautiful home!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Peterson Party of 5 said...

Very Beautiful!
Happy Mother's Day!

Amanda said...

Were the JOneses too!...I love your blog and home - it is always nice to find a fellow blogger with great taste, who is not afraid to use/display all her "pretties" with young kids. Our home is french country as well, you have done a great job!