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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What we've been up to...

...this week and last. Hmmm, the weeks just seem to fly by. Before I know it we are approaching another weekend.

I am so excited and thankful that Dana is scheduled to go home on Friday. Home!! After over 6 months of being in the hospital and back and forth to rehab to gain back her strength, she will soon be walking through the doors of her home. I cannot imagine how that will feel after being away for so long. We are all going to Waco for the weekend to celebrate her homecoming, her birthday that was last week and of course, Mother's Day. What good and perfect timing to be home by Mother's Day! It will be the most incredible feeling to walk through those doors on Saturday and know that she is there. It's been way too long and she is truly the person that makes that house a home. Thank you God for answering prayers and for carrying us all through this these many, many months.

On another note, we have had 2 big birthdays in the past week. Wednesday, April 29th was Dana's. We have some special goodies to take to her this weekend and had a Pajama-gram delivered. If you've never heard of it, it's great fun. You order pajamas and they come to your door wrapped so cute and they have lots of great things to choose from. Chris surprised me with a Pajama-gram awhile back and I loved it! On April 30, it was my mom's birthday. We celebrated by having my parents and grandparents over for dinner. Hunter was helpful in blowing out the candles on the cake. I got her a new hand mixer (exciting I know) and a great cookbook based on the Mitford book series. If you have never read the Mitford books, they are great! I think I read all 7 of them within a couple of weeks last summer. I can't remember how many there are in the series, but they are such great, Christian fiction books.

Let's see... I watched the movie "Bride Wars"- pretty cute. We rented "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and we both really liked it. It took us 2 evenings to watch it though- it's really long.

I went to a meeting at church for "Parenting with Christ" and our head pastor spoke on The Year of the Child. It was very inspirational and has caused me to really rethink some of my priorities. Basically I need to quit something in order to really go where my heart is leading me. I am contemplating very strongly ending my work with Jr. League to focus more intently on working with my church and other Christian based places that need volunteers. I also have been praying about teaching Sunday School and have felt led for years to jump on board but have had every single excuse in the book. Jr. League is a great organization- don't get me wrong. However, I end up either being gone a lot in the evenings (which I hate) or having to pay someone so I can go out and volunteer. Anyway, I don't like to quit anything, but it's been weighing on me for some time now.

Oh yeah, I got my hair CHOPPED. Yikes! I wanted it cut, but didn't realize she would take it so far. I have never had 6 inches cut off of my hair EVER. I do like it, but it's short. Oh well. Amd now, you are caught up.

So, for a picture recap of the past week....
The birthday girl and Hunter taking care of the candles.

Blake and Luke- his bestest bud- at the park.

Hunter and his future bride :) at the park. They have the BEST time together!

Hunter decided upon finding this tie that he needed to wear it. He has somehow found it each day and wears it for a little while. He seems to think he looks pretty spiffy.

I took the opportunity of Hunter snapping some pictures to get on the playmat with Blake. I am partly smiling and partly grimacing from laying on some toy of Blake's. He wasn't that impressed that I was down there with him I don't think! :) He's mostly smiling because of that toy out front with the horses that spin- he absolutely is obessed with that toy.

Okay... here's where the tie came from. This is Hunter back in the summer of 2006.

Oh, guess where we are going in about 8 days!

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