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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick Trip

Last Saturday I made the quick trip to Fort Worth and back in a matter of 10 hours... with a 3 month old... and it was great! Blake and I caught a flight out of SA at 12 Saturday, were picked up by Summer and the boys and went straight to see Dana. She was doing great on Saturday and was able to spend quite a bit of time visiting and enjoying Blake. I was so impressed by her stamina and strength that has increased so much since she has been in Fort Worth. She was even able to hold Blake twice while we were there. He flashed his big smiles and cooed and talked to her a lot. I know that meant the world to her.

We were able to visit until about 4 and then Blake and I came back after 6 to have dinner with her and Scott. After that, Scott drove us back to DFW and we arrived in SA at 10:30. It was a really whirlwind kind of day- I felt like I had been gone for more than 10 hours since so much was packed into such a short amount of time.

Blake was an angel flying and really easy to travel with. I carried him without the infant carrier the entire time on the flight and through the airport. It was a little overwhelming to be on my own going through security with all of our "stuff" and a baby. It's always so stressful to be taking off shoes, putting your purse and carry on in the bin, pull out your baggies of small liquid items, etc... Try that with a baby in one arm and your boarding pass and ID in the other. I looked like I was in an I Love Lucy episode. But, we made it and are here to tell about it.

We are planning tentatively to travel to Waco tomorrow in hopes that the plan to move Dana to Waco tomorrow stands. Hunter is ready to see his Mimi too! It's been since October when he was with her the weekend of our anniversary. He's excited to tell her what he's been up to.

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