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Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting the newest Jones baby and seeing Dana!

We finally made a trip to Waco to see Dana. It was a wonderful trip and we were so glad to see her. She is tougher than the rest of us, that's for sure!

Hunter had not seen his Mimi since October, so he was beside himself excited. He pulled up a step stool in her hospital room and stood by her bed to talk to her. We visited Friday night in her room and then went to grab dinner. On the way back to the hospital to drop off Chris' dad, Hunter said he wanted to go back in to give Mimi a hug and a kiss goodnight. I sent him upstairs with a neat paper flower that I had made for Hunter to give her. He was excited to get to go back upstairs to see her.

Saturday, we stuffed ourselves silly at Harold Waitz's in Waco and then made the quick trip up to Fort Worth to meet our newest nephew, Adam. He is adorable and slept the whole time we were there. I did get to hold him and love on him and it's just amazing how little they are to start off. We put Blake and Adam next to each other and I know that will be the first of many pictures they are in together!

Hunter had a blast playing with David and Ryan. They don't skip a beat when they haven't seen each other in a while. He always loves whatever they are up to.

Later on Saturday, we had one more visit with Dana. She felt strong enough to be wheeled out to the waiting area and we had a great visit. Hunter is in a stage of not listening- I am hoping this is a stage- and was like a wild animal. He was all over the place.

After dinner, we loaded up and headed back to SA. Overall, it was a quick trip but so great to see Dana and Adam both.

Dinny (Chris' grandmother) with her 2 newest great grandbabies!

Adam and Hunter both completely sacked out!

I mean really?!!

Could you just eat him up? He's too cute!

Our own little artist up to no good.

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Spotted-Bird said...

Glad it worked out for y'all to go see Dana. Congratulations on the new baby in the family. He sure is cute. I bet that was fun cleaning Hunter up.