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Saturday, March 21, 2009

One year ago today...

... I found out I was expecting Baby Jones #2. I was so thrilled and kept it a secret until late afternoon. Chris had gone golfing and I scurried around to find blue and pink balloons to cover our bed. I put a diaper on the bed and wrote on the outside of it, "Ready for #2 ?!" Then, to top it off, I had Hunter wearing a Big Brother t-shirt. Chris came in and it took him a couple of seconds to realize what all of that meant.

Chris turning the corner into our bedroom. I tried to capture it as he realized what the blue and pink balloons must mean.

Hunter in his new Big Brother t-shirt. He wasn't quite sure what all the excitement was about.

The bed covered in the balloons was my attempt at being creative.

Chris and Hunter celebrating and trying to soak in the new news!

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