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Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to the Land of the Living

We have all 4 been sick this last week and weekend. I feel like we are slowly emerging from a fog. It all started with Blake waking up Tuesday and throwing up twice. Obviously, that's not normal, so I watched him closely and took him in. He did not have any other symptoms and seemed to act fine. He got sick again later that afternoon but it didn't really phase him. Aside from that, he was fine.

So, I spent Tuesday cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and disinfecting like a crazy lady. I thought we had it nipped in the bud. Little did I know....

Wednesday by mid-day I had it. By that evening Hunter had it and last but not least, Chris came down with it early Saturday morning. Yuck!

I have never done so much laundry to just clean the virus out of the house. We spent several days with windows and doors open to air out the virus and have cleaned every inch of this house. I'm exhausted!

Happily, we are all on the mend. I think the boys had the milder version. Blake certainly did. I will post some pumpkin patch pics soon! Just glad to be coming back into the land of the living!