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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1 Month = 300 pictures

Between soccer, camping, Halloween and playing, I have accumulated 300 pictures in my folder for October. So, here is an attempt to catch up here on the blog. Oh, and they are in no particular order. At least I labeled them!

One of 11 "Sharp Shooters"

Smores with my sweetie

Hunter, Blake, Luke, Kate and Rollins...
aka, Pirate, Elephant, Monkey, Peacock and Bunny Foo Foo

Blake and Luke on the sidelines of the game....won't be long boys!

Cari and Luke with Blake and I at the Halloween party...looks like a monkey and an elephant escaped from the zoo!!

Camping with Blake at the country club. I know how that sounds, it was very "Troop Beverly Hills-ish"

Blake in front of our tent...don't worry, he did not spend the night. He went and slept at my parents' house.

The four of us when we were visiting Chris at his office the day before Halloween

Blake eating his first taste of cake at Bab's birthday dinner at our house

Hunter helped blow out the candles

Soccer game with Blake

Me and the soccer player himself

Before the first game. Blake was wearing a little outfit Mimi (Chris' mom) had bought at Neimans for Hunter. It says "Little Kicker" with a soccer ball on it. It has special meaning b/c Chris' nickname growing up was "Kicker"- sort of sounds like Christopher.

Swinging in the backyard on a beautiful afternoon. He LOVES to be outside!