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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's October...

...and I've already started listening to Christmas music! Is that bad? I just can't help myself. I love it and it makes me so happy.

I love fall too, though. I can't wait to take the boys to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins, start a fire in the fireplace, carve pumpkins, trick or treat, begin Christmas shopping or at least start looking around... It's such a wonderful time of the year.

Hunter officially started soccer about a week ago. We had his first practice and Chris is coaching. I should say he is wrangling because that is what he is doing- wrangling 11 3-year olds with minds of their own. It's actually pretty comical because our team is dispersed in 6 different directions while the team practicing next to us is running drills and running laps. Oh well, we'll just have fun!

Hunter loves it though and is red in the face after practicing. Our first game was supposed to be last weekend but it got rained out. So, with a bye this weekend, we won't play until next weekend. At least we can say we are undefeated!

The long awaited YTAC Golf Tournament is tomorrow, so life should get back to normal after that. Looking forward to not thinking about it for awhile!

We visited the school the other day so Hunter could be a part of the firemen's visit. He loved running the smoke alarm drill and crawling through the smoke tent. He couldn't get enough of that.

Blake is almost 11 months- I refuse to believe that! He is still my wittle-bitty baby no matter what!

Cari and I took the crew to breakfast on Saturday and they had a blast. Blake and Luke love watching each other and are hungry little boys.
Hunter and Kate having fun coloring and (trying to share!).

Luke and Blake... it was non-stop eating on that side of the table!

...and finally we have a costume for Hunter for Halloween....

Argghhh matey!

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