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Monday, October 12, 2009

Takin' care of business!

I've mentioned this before on the blog, but we have this thing around here with a Size 0-3 month business suit. Yes, there are 3-piece suits for infants. Just in case you needed to run out and get one for your 2 week old's interview. Seriously! Anyway, it was a gift for Hunter back in 2005. We got a kick out of it then and we are still getting a kick out of it now.

So anyway, back in August of 2006, when Hunter was about 8 months old, we pulled that puppy out. I was bored, Chris was out of town for a week and we were sending pictures over email to him so he wouldn't miss anything. So, I disassembled that suit, got it on Hunter without too much trouble and went to town taking pictures. I am not kidding when I say that I actually went and developed the pictures within the hour and drove around showing people (people I knew if course). It has been something we have laughed about since. So, without further ado, here is Hunter...

Today, I found that suit. It was crumpled up a little in the bottom of the dresser drawer, but it had to be brought out. I could not let Blake pass up an opportunity to look professional. Who doesn't want their baby to look professional? (Oh, and the size is 0-3 like I said, but that is some big 0-3 month old if my 8 month old Hunter and now nearly 11 month old Blake can wear it!)

He's giving himself a thumbs up, "Lookin' good my man!"

These just have to be a part of their rehearsal dinners someday! Is that bad that I am already planning which pictures will most certainly make the cut from their baby-hood?

So, onto other items of importance... Getting a halfway decent picture of the boys together is maddening. I think it's my camera's fault- it's just not fast enough. I am screeching and trying to get Blake to even look at the camera and Hunter is making funny faces which makes Blake look at him instead- oh gracious! So just so you know, here are several of my attempts last night before we went to celebrate Morgan's 1st bday and my brother Blake's birthday.
A little drool on the shirt and I was totally off center! Darn it!

Anyone watch "Everybody Loves Raymond?" Does Blake resemble Frank Barone in this picture? That little tuft of hair off the back of his head is what makes me think of him.

Here Blake is with the birthday girl. The party looked like an advertisement from Orient Expressed. All of the kids were in their cute little outfits and it looked like they could have stepped out of the catalogue!

Then, off to celebration #2 with Blake. Here is Blake, Blake and Kristin- does that sound confusing? We are trying to avoid the "Big" and "Little" titles!

And on a totally random note, here is my new wreath for Halloween. I like the fun stuff of Halloween, not the scary and creepy. This wreath is so fun and playful and such a fun thing to have. Thanks mom!

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Kelly and Ryan Walker said...

The pictures of the 3 piece suit are so adorable. I've never seen such handsome little baby boys in business attire. Ha. Rehearsal Dinner slideshow, for sure!
p.s. You do a great job on your blog!
- kelly (Chris' childhood pal)