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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trip to the Children's Museum

We headed up to New Braunfels last week and had a blast at the McKenna Children's Museum. I loved the different things for the boys to do and we stayed the entire morning going from one thing to the next.
BANK- Hunter loved doing the ATM machine and swiping the card. It would spit out money and he thought that was great fun. He also played like he was the teller inside the bank with the money tray.

CAMP GROUND- At the camp ground, you could kayak, fish in the pretend river, tend to a campfire, play in tents, cross a bridge... Hunter is off in the kayak!

GROCERY STORE- Hunter successfully stacked his shopping cart higher than he is tall. He loved shopping and stuffing his basket (apparently he has seen that somewhere??) and then taking it to the check out. Then, his OCD mom would make him put them all back in the right place and start all over. (I think I missed my calling of arranging shelves. I had so much fun setting it all up!)

WESTERN TOWN- Here is my little cowboy riding along on his horse.

BABY AREA- Blake enjoyed the baby area in the center of the museum and decided driving was a great activity for the day!

SPACE AREA- Hunter loved seeing characters from Star Wars.

SPACE SHUTTLE- Here are my brilliant astronaut sons flying to the moon.

ART- A budding artist if I do say so myself.

AMBULANCE- Hunter drove the ambulance and then stole the 3 baby dolls from the play hospital nursery and loaded them on the stretcher in the back of the ambulance.

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