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Monday, September 21, 2009

2nd Annual Jones Family Beach Va-cay!

We are back from our 2nd Annual trip to Port A. We had a great time! The boys both love the water and the sand and basically everything that goes into a beach trip. My dream is to one day have a place at the coast. Someday!

I really didn't take too many pictures like I usually do. It's hard to get your camera out with all of the water and sand, but here's what I did get...

Here's my 10 month old baby boy and I the first day out at the beach. He's not really looking at the camera, but seriously, it's so rare for me to be in a picture, I had to include it.

This is me taking our picture. Not the best angle to get Blake's face!

Chris and Hunter- isn't it a neat picture with the sunlight?

Baby boy needs a bath!

Bubba roo loves himself some bathtime when Big Brother isn't hogging the front. I feel I need to tell Kristin sorry for all the baths that I hogged the front. Those poor 2nd children.

Hunter having a "ball" in the pool at Port Royal. He loved that he could stand and was like a little fish. Thank you swimming lessons!

Blake in the boat- truly this was a lifesaver. It kept him out of the sand, saved me from having to hold him the whole time and he loved pulling up on the sides.

The boys in the boat- as you can see, they loved every minute of it.

Hunter getting his feet buried. See, I really did not get great pictures of him. He does not like the camera much these days.

This is a beach tradition. I took a picture with Blake this trip... do like I did here with Hunter back in 2006.

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Spotted-Bird said...

Hunter and Blake look so much a like. So cute!