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Monday, September 21, 2009

It Rained!

We finally got some much needed rain in San Antonio about a week ago. We didn't quite know what to do with ourselves, so I pulled the jump castle inside and set it up in the living room. Hunter thought I was very cool! Just a little rearranging of some furniture and wha-la! A jump castle in our very own living room. Even I got in and played with the boys and we had a blast!
Blake had a great time watching Big Brother run through the puddles! Oh, he wants to join him soooo bad!!

Hunter thinks puddles are awesome! The bigger the splash the better!

Standing in the rain....

The boys in the jump castle having a great time.

This was set up in the living room for 3 days. Isn't it lovely?

Random, here Blake and I are at Mama's restaurant on Labor Day.

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Spotted-Bird said...

You should bring hunter out to our house to play when it rains. There are all types of puddles and little streams. He would love it!