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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7 months... and 3 and a HALF

At 7 months old, Blake is getting more and more fun (if that is even possible) and has such a sweet personality. He's always smiling, laughing or making his trademark sounds. He's a hoot!! We still wake up once a night at about 4 to eat for 5 minutes. I can't say I blame him since he's down by 7 each night. He LOVES to take a bath and splash like crazy. He is also a very good eater and must have that baby food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also is starting to eat the little puffs- he grabs at them and bangs his tray. He usually gets about 1 out of 5 in his mouth. The rest I find are in the seat of the highchair or gooey and stuck to his clothes. He loves his pacifier- no giving that sucker up yet. He is not crawling or moving around on the floor yet, but is a very steady sitter and loves to play on the floor. He just seems content to stay put. No teeth, little bit of hair, big 'ol eyes, he's about 17 pounds almost, very ticklish, has graduated to the big carseat and doesn't seem too thrilled about it, still spits up with the best of em, snuggles with his night night (little lovey blanket) right up against his face and loves it, is crazy about his daddy, loves me too, lights up when he sees Hunter and is following the dogs every move. It's such a fun stage!

I have pictures to be uploaded for the mini-celebration we had for Hunter's 1/2 birthday. Having a birthday 10 days before Christmas, I figure this will become a tradition. Probably will for Blake too- since he's right before Thanksgiving. Anyway, I will get the pictures of the cake we made up here soon. I just cannot believe he's 3 1/2 and he really gets it. He is growing up before my eyes. He started swimming lessons this week and I am so proud of how well he has done. He's a trooper.

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