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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a Rodeo around here!!

It's Rodeo season here in SA! We made a trip out to the grounds last weekend with the boys and the Spielhagens and had a blast. It was fun to see Hunter and Kate walk around together and Blake and Luke both slept the ENTIRE time in their strollers. The big kids rode ponies, did a couple of carnival rides (well, Hunter did since Kate is still so wittle bitty) and had a blast in the petting zoo. We're hoping to get an evening next week to get Hunter out to the actual rodeo. I think he would love it this year.

Ok.. get ready for lots of pics!

Cari and I with Luke and Blake. We had the Spielhegens over and picked up burgers. It was such a fun night. Hunter and Kate had a blast doing the jump castle and eating ice cream cones for dessert. So fun! Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am for such precious friends??

Hunter got his first REAL pair of boots before the rodeo. He wanted to wear them all weekend. Check out this outfit that he wore down the street on his bike to play at the playground. Love it!

What a heartbreaker! Little boys love their mommas!

Hunter has been fighting me tooth and nail about nap time. Eventually it catches up with him!

Let's RODEO!!
This is what Blake and Luke did the entire time at the rodeo... sleep!

Kate and Hunter watching in awe one of the first carnival rides we saw.

Hay! What a cute pic!

Loving the animals at the petting zoo.

Riding Cowboy!

Somebody is 29! I had my birthday last week and Chris and I enjoyed an actual date night with no kids. We really had a great time. This isn't the best picture because we took it ourselves. Those never turn out the best.

We'll end on a sweet note...

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Peachy said...

Que cute!-love that picture of Blake at the end! I can tell he and Rhett are going to be great friends :)