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Sunday, February 22, 2009

ALL of my boys at 3 months...

Chris at 3 months (back in 1979)

Hunter at 3 months (March 2006)

Blake at 3 months (February 2009)

We were supposed to visit Dana this weekend and she was going to meet Blake for the first time. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, Hunter got sick Friday and we didn't get to go. We are planning on next weekend as long as we are all 100%. I am having fun working on something special for Chris' 30th birthday that is coming up. Funny how those birthdays sneak up on you! I thought this was neat to see all of the boys around 3 months.


Ebes said...

hey...yes, Andy said he knows Chris and wanted me to tell you to tell Chris that Andy White said hi. He also said that next time we are in New Braunfels visiting his parents that it would be fun to go to SA to see you guys. I'll let you know...would love to meet the little dudes :)

Becky said...

that picture of Chris is just classic! i love all your boys! ;)