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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blake's Baptism

Last Sunday was a special day for our family. Blakey boo was baptised! He wore the same gown that my dad wore back in 1953, that all of the Stouffer kids wore and now both of my boys have worn. He looked precious- even in a dress!

We had a great lunch at the house afterwards with all of my family. Chris' family was not able to make it down here since Dana is still in the hospital, but we took lots of pictures to share with them. Dana loved Hunter's Baptism Day and came down back in February of 2006 to help me make batch after batch of chicken crepes. I knew how much she loved Valentine's Day and thought it was that much more special to have Blake's Baptism on Valentine's weekend. I also served several "Dana" recipes for our lunch.
Blake in the generational gown!

He looks like a baby doll.

Cutie pie!!

My Dining room table all spiffed up!

All of the guys...

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The Hoermanns said...

I love the dress and how it has been used in the family for that many generations. The Hoermann's also have a baptism dress so I guess our little one will get to wear it too!