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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's a hard knock life...

Hunter is still sick! This has been 5 days and counting of fever and just a general not-feeling-so-good. It's been no fun for him. Of course the weather has been nothing but gorgeous and warm and I've had to try my best to keep him laying low. That is not the easiest task. I realize that even when I try to get out to run some errands or make a dash out of the house it doesn't bode well for Hunter. He ends up hitting the wall and his fever rises again and there we are...back at square one.

I took him to the doctor Monday for a strep test, but it was negative. However, his tonsils are swollen and definitely infected, so there is something going on. We might head back today to see what else we can do. We've been hitting the Children's Motrin every 6 hours for days. It helps initially and then once it's wearing out- so are we!

I'll have to post a picture later of my little patient. He's got the crazy hair and has been sporting some really awesome wardrobe choices. He wanted to go to the doctor in a pirate shirt, shorts and his cowboy boots. He was quite a sight!!

Off I go. We are hoping today will be the turn-around!! Pretty please!!

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