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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today Blake is 3 1/2! And for the record, both he and Emily are now pacifier free- or poppy free as we call it around here. We sent Blake to school yesterday after a few days of discussing that we would no longer use the poppy on that day. He was happy to go along (surprisingly) and did awesome at school napping without it. He went to bed with very little fussing and today has been a champ. Why am I so surprised? I think us moms make a bigger deal out of these attachments than the kids do.

Our reasoning was that we would quit cold turkey with both kids at the same time. So, Emily is cut off too. She did fine yesterday but did ask in her most sweet and tender voices, "Whhh-yyyy?" You know when they stretch a one-syllable word into two and look at you with doe-like eyes?? That was it. Then, she asked "why" again after I tried to re-explain and then finally she resorted to "peas." Desperation calls for manners! So today, aside from asking for it a few times, she has done great. Naptime went great but bedtime was rough. (as usual)
Here she is passed out in the couch cushions after about 2 hours of back and forth. Whew!

A few pics from our midweek lunch date with the Little Lady....

She talks with her hands...

Dancing in the booth

Oh, and on a totally cool note- a friend of ours is now a millionaire! Kim Spradlin took home the grand prize and won Survivor!! So exciting!! Our family has tuned in every single week on Wednesday night to watch her dominate the game. It was a total thrill to see her win it all on Sunday nite on the Grand Finale show. I cannot think of a cooler, nicer, more genuine and truly beautiful person to win it. Congrats Kim!!
Me trying to take a pic while she was on The Talk to get her big check.

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