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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All I ever really needed to know....

I learned in KINDERGARTEN.

Tomorrow, May 31, 2012- our sweet Hunter will finish his first year of school. One down, 12 to go. It certainly went fast, we were incredibly blessed to have a teacher and an assistant teacher who loved him so much, who taught him so much and who made school such a special and happy place to be. Hunter never missed a day for sickness- only once in the fall because the rest of the family had fallen prey to the stomach bug and I was certain he would be the next to go (he wasn't), and in the spring he missed 4 days for vacation- 2 for skiing and 2 for the beach. He always was happy going to school, loved accolades from school, tried so hard to please his teachers, learned to tie his shoes, rode in a booster, learned how to read, was the top math student in his class and loves Science, became a good little writer and enjoys writing stories and coloring, spent every "Free Center" time doing arts and crafts, played on a soccer team (The Bruisers) and a tball team (The Red Sox), bought lunch many times in the cafeteria, made it on the bulletin board for Race to Read, rode in a school bus for the first time going to several field trips, loved being on the announcements, lost 5 teeth, grew lots and lots, has become so much more independent, works on the computer and ipad with incredible skill......the list goes on and on.

Mrs. Fenley was and is an amazing teacher. We will miss her so much as we make the transition up to Woodridge.

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