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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time is literally flying by- my baby girl is 22 months, Blake will be 3 1/2 in 2 days and Hunter is exactly one month short of being 6 1/2??!!!

Hunter is nearly finished with his kindergarten year. I can easily say that we have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations with a precious, most loving and awesome teacher. We will miss her tremendously when it's time to move on. He has been in the Cheetah reading group- and has really learned so much. I have the ability to work in the classroom every other week and I LOVE being able to see the many things I learned in college being put to work. Teaching kids to read is fun stuff!! I might even consider getting my certification for kindergarten someday- its really inspired me. The last two weeks Hunter had a reading challenge at school called Race to Read. First, the read 5 books and we read 5 to him to earn a cool bookmark. Then, he read 8 and we read 8 to earn a cool medal. Then, Hunter was determined to be the TOP reader (not sure where he gets this drive..ha ha) and get his picture on the board. So we read a total of 28 more, then another 40 for a grand total of 94 books. Whew! It was lots of reading but I saw incredible improvement in his reading in a short period of time. Happy to report he made the bulletin board!! He finishes up tball this weekend. He's had a great season but I think he will enjoy moving up to machine pitch next year. He's swimming like a fish and diving down to the bottom of the pool. He still loves to draw and create things. Hunter is super creative and artistic and just has an amazing imagination. I cannot believe he is nearly 6 1/2! Seems so hard to believe.

Blake- nearly 3 1/2. Talking up a storm. Such a funny character! He makes people laugh all the time. We are currently about to pull the pop pop (aka the pacifier) tomorrow. It's getting a little old and Blake and Emily are way too attached. He's grown like a weed- is able o run so fast and do so much more. Soccer has been fun. He scored in the first game and never more like a stunt man who has impressive falls and rolls on the field and is always looking for an audience. Loves Ms Cristy and Ms Dana and really zeroes in on Luke as his playmate. They are a dynamic duo- so silly and funny together. B is so sensitive and sweet natured. Always tells you he loves you and makes sure that
Chris and I know that he loves "bof" of us (usually said...bof of y'all). Man in the middle is tough- he gets pummeled from big brother and from little sister. He also knows good and well how to play the victim. Love this little guy!

Miss E.... Words at 22 months....yep, no, I 'ont want to, peas (please), eye, nose, tee ( teeth), bow, don't, bite you, more, dink(drink), poppy, bunny, nigh nigh, mommy, daddy, bailey, Bentley, Charlie, Luke, kay (Kate), cari, kistin ( Kristin), Mimi, bapa, ba (babs), Sha Sha, buckle-la, palapee (we aren't sure), tee tee, po-ee(potty), ba ( bath), wa-wee (water), mine, my turn, I wanna ride, I wanna bite, swing, I did it, on, off, light....
She is currently testing our patience in the sleep dept. whew!! She is in the big girl bed at night. She can easily...and I mean easily get out of both her crib and her big girl bed. So, at night, we see her come out many times. And usually, at some point in the middle of the night, we have a 20 pound visitor in our bed. It's funny how your resolve is squished with the 3rd child. I just don't have the same ability to fight these terrible habits like I did with Hunter. E is so busy and fun. We are spunky as we near 2. She can do just about anything and definitely is way more advanced in the physical arena than most 22 month olds. She likes to do things for herself. She may be getting interested in potty training so we bought little princess panties yesterday. She ventures onto my kitchen counters at least 5 times a day. She loves to dance, sings all of the time, is excellent at puzzles, loves to play with her babies, loves to play games and is starting to enjoy playing pretend. She's a little stinker but I love her so so much.

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