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Saturday, August 27, 2011

R-E-D red

R-E-D red,
R-E-D red,
I can spell red,
I can spell red.
Firetrucks are red,
Stop signs are red too.
(sung to the tune of "Are you sleeping?")

This week was "red" week for all of kindergarten and they topped it off with everyone wearing red on Friday. I had the opportunity to volunteer at lunch on Friday and was in the cafeteria during Hunter's lunch time. He told me to pack "tricky things to open" so that I would get to help him. How sweet is that?? Someday he won't want me with 20 feet of him much less hovering around his table getting the scoop from 4 kindergarten boys. Such sweet days!

Here he is decked in red. This is at the Ford dealership where my car spent a good deal of time this week and yet is still not repaired. Fun times! At least there's a decent playground. :-)

She liked the playground too!

A little wiped out from a busy day.

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