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Thursday, August 25, 2011

On pins and needles

I think we will be better next week, but as of today, we are all on pins and needles for 2:00 to roll around and have all of our little people under one roof. We haven't ventured too far from home aside from Bible study and an errand or two. My excuse today is that my car is in the shop, so we are definitely homebound. I'm hoping next week we will resume our outings and feel more "at home" with this new normal of not having Hunter with us. Boy did the summer spoil us!
This morning, we took advantage of cloudy skies and played out back. Watch out for this guy when he turns 16! He's awesome at maneuvering this car and hilarious to watch!

And here is the little bitty daredevil! Look mom!! I'm standing!!

Wait! Now I think I'll take a spin in the Escalade! Or maybe just change the radio stations.

While we are switching places, let me have a turn in the baby swing! He was so tickled by how much the branch moved when he was swinging. Sorry oak tree!

Lady E swinging away! Love the simple things.

Now, they are both napping and I am nervously awaiting my pantry raider! Boy does he come home with an appetite!

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