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Monday, June 20, 2011

With this ring...

About a month ago, my baby brother proposed to the most wonderful girl that I am so excited will be a part of our family. We had known for a couple of weeks that the plan was for them to come up to the lake, take the boat out and while out on the water he would propose. That afternoon, my family all make the trek up to the lake (all of this was unknown to Faith). We met her family at Horseshoe Bay for dinner. I only had my little Blake and Emily since Chris and Hunter had to go on to Waco for a family wedding that evening. We ate dinner and then drove over to the lake house while Uncle Blake and Faith were out on the boat. We had white balloons, flowers, champagne, wedding cake and gifts to shower the newly engaged couple with.
Before we knew it, they came around the corner and we all broke into cheers and congratulations. They were beaming from ear to ear and we all took turns hugging them and telling them how excited we were.

It was such a fun night!

Then, while weddings were fresh on our mind, we headed up to Waco for Chris' cousin's wedding. Hunter was a ring bearer for the 3rd time that weekend and even Blake and Emily got to go to the reception. Blake surprised us and danced the night away until the bride and groom left. We were shocked! I wish I had his picture cutting a rug but didn't take my camera that night.
My pretty lady!

My handsome boy!

Darling little boy!

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Summer Jones said...

So great! If I ever upload to shutterfly I will send your way the wedding pics!