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Monday, June 20, 2011


We are enjoying our summer so much! Hunter has participated in swim camp and had lots of playdates with friends. Blake has been swimming up a storm, playing outside lots and Emily has been running around after her brothers.

She is walking really well now and climbing too! If I'm not careful, she's up on top of a table or attempting to climb onto Blake's bed. Phew! She's at that "handful" stage for sure! Here she is at a friend's 1st birthday with her birthday buddy, Anna.

We all had VBS at our church last week. It was an incredible and fun week! Our church did Pandamania this year and I was a chapel leader with Cari. We had the best time and decided it was the best job- you get to lead the praise and worship and see ALL of the kids, and then during your "off-time" we were able to rotate around and see each of our kids doing their activities.

Emily got really sick starting Wednesday night when I noticed she had started to run a fever. She stayed home with my mom on Thursday morning and by the time I called, my mom said I needed to come home. She was really hot, very puny and not very responsive. We immediately got into the doctor and her temperature was 104.7! She had a raging double ear infection and felt so crummy. The dr did a shot of rocephin(sp?) and got her started on antibiotics. She seemed a little better that evening, but by Friday we were back at square one and complicated by her dehydration. Another trip to the doctor, a fever that was still hovering in the 103's and a very sad baby, and we had a day at home trying to get her to take fluids. She only had the strong meds in her tummy and was "losing" all of her fluids. ugh! We were steps away from the ER but finally got her to sleep around 11:30 that night. Saturday she woke up like a new person. Aside from being a little clingy, she is doing great now. Poor thing, I have a feeling ear tubes are in her future since we've had 3 ear infections in the past 3 months.

Hunter started karate this week and was so excited to get started. He's a white belt and got his first band today. We will see how he enjoys it but I think it's a great activity for him this summer while sports are on hiatus. (Look how proud Blake is of his big brother in uniform!)

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