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Monday, June 20, 2011

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she wonderful?
Isn't she precious... just at one minute old!

I always listened to that song and wondered if I'd ever have a little girl to sing it about. How is it that a year has passed since that wonderful day when our 3rd little miracle came into our lives?

July 2, 2010 Emily Blair Jones enters this world and our lives

2 weeks old

One month old

AUGUST 2010- 1 month old

SEPTEMBER- 2 months old

OCTOBER 2010- 3 months old

NOVEMBER 2010- 4 months old

DECEMBER 2010- 5 months old

JANUARY 2011- 6 months old

FEBRUARY- 7 months old (crawling)

MARCH 2011- 8 months old

APRIL- 9 months old

MAY- 10 months old (Walking and first teeth)

JUNE- 11 months

1 comment:

Kristin Stouffer said...

ADORABLE! I can't believe the little nugget is going to be one! Crazy how fast this year went!! LOVE Aunt K