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Saturday, November 27, 2010

This stuff is catchy!

Well, the stomach bug of 2010 is currently making rounds on the 4th person this week in our family. Yuck! We are more than ready to wish it goodbye and don't wish it to visit ever agian. I ended up coming down with it the day after Thanksgiving and was down and out all day. Today was much better, but unfortunately Chris has caught it.

Enough about that! A major project that I have been working on is 95% complete. I wanted to paint Emily's monogram over her crib. I had it printed at the monogram store that I love and then set out to find an overhead projector. I couldn't nail one down, so one day I decided to just freehand it. I am proud of how well it turned out. It's not perfect and I have some touching up to do, but I think it really looks pretty. I still need to get the rug, a light fixture and a crib sheet made for her room to be 100%.

A shot of Blaker-boo at his 2nd birthday celebration at Two Bros BBQ. He wasn't completely sure what all the fuss was about.

Emily is loving her exersaucer more and more. This age is so much fun because there is so much new stuff they can do and since they aren't mobile yet, they love the independence of these toys.

Hunter finished soccer last weekend and had a great season. He scored lots of goals this season as opposed to one last year and really enjoyed it. It seemed to click this year and he had so much fun. His team was a great group of boys and girls and that really made it so much fun to be around the parents each week. I loved this picture of Chris and Hunter high-fiving after the walkthrough at the last game.

Hunter had his Thanksgiving program last week. His group were Indians and his name that he made for himself was "Fast Running Snake." He was so shy in the program and spent much of it with his head turned to the side so he wouldn't be making eye-contact with us. Ha!

Emily happy to be along for the ride.

The Turkey Tango- when will I ever learn to have the right lens in hand when I need it?? Aghh!!

Last but not least, on Blake's birthday, my mom had her Grandmother Group with Blake and his friends at Kiddie Park. I went along for the fun and took Hunter and Emily. This is the whole group of "Grannies and Grandkids" plus me! What a fun way to spend the afternoon!

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DCC said...

love the pics-
so sorry you are all puny!
I bet it's that stinkin' stache!