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Sunday, January 2, 2011


December was a great month- a hectic and busy month, but a great month. We had just recovered from our illness when it was time to travel to Waco for Chris' younger brother's wedding. It was a great weekend. Back home, it was shopping, preparing, decorating, planning for parties, birthdays and celebrations, school plays, office parties, friends and family time.... It was a fast month. Here's what we did.
The boys ready for the rehearsal dinner. They were so handsome!

Hunter and Ryan looking so dapper in their navy blazers for the rehearsal dinner.

Emily all dressed up for her 15 minute cameo at the reception. Her dress was so beautiful and fun. Where should we wear it again??

Hunter turned five years old! How can it be?

We officially dropped the ball on Christmas cards. So here you go:

The cat came back.

I took Blake to the country club for their annual gingerbread decorating day. He had fun eating candy while I attempted to decorate! :)

We went to the Happy Birthday Jesus party at church. We had a blast!

We had our 4th Annual Santa party at our house. The Andersons and Spielhagens stayed late and we listened for Santa's bells as he left the house. It was a precious moment.

Emily met Santa for the first time.

The mild weather made for fun afternoons at the Jones house.

Hunter was Joseph in the school Christmas program. He did a great job!

The little lady had her first Christmas Eve.

The Elf propped himself on our tree for front row seats for Christmas morning.

Emily watching the joy on Christmas morning.

The boys in their new chairs at Sha Sha and Babs House.

The Jones boys and their mama in Waco on Christmas night.

The "Jamz" with their new Paper Jamz in Waco giving us a live performance.

Happy New Years! 6 months old January 2nd!!

Daddy and Hunter off for a round of golf.

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