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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The first two weeks...

....have been great with Emily Blair at home with us. We are so blessed and thankful for our healthy and happy little one. She is really easy-going (so far) and fits right into the daily swing around here. It's loud and crazy most of the time and she doesn't even flinch. So far, she is eating every 2-3 hours during the day, sleeps a lot and is having periods of wakefulness more and more every day.

At night, she wakes up to eat every 3-4 hours usually by squirming in her bassinet. She rarely cries and makes the sweetest little sounds when she needs something. At this point, Emily spends a lot of time in Mommy's arms, being held by her big brother, Hunter, in the bouncy seat and swaddled up in the bassinet. Life is good!

I have had way too much fun with each outfit change and take as many pictures as I can in each thing. It's been such fun seeing her in pink and ruffles!

Emily had her 2 week visit early at 10 days old. She had regained her birth weight and was 7 lbs 4 oz, so that is great progress from the 6 lb 10 oz that she came home from the hospital at. She is 25% in weight, 50% in height at 20 inches now and 50% in head measurement. Emily is doing great with head control and even pulled up from laying flat on her Mimi's lap. We were stunned that she could pull up so much!

Emily in her going home outfit at one week old

Emily looks like a baby doll in this picture

I laid her in Blake's crib last Friday (July 9) while we were playing in his room. I ran into the kitchen to check the time and it was exactly 11:39 am (her exact time of arrival one week before) and snapped this one week old picture right then.

Pretty girl in her sun bubble.

Accessorizing at a young age- this is VERY intimidating to me!

Sweet Daddy got us the stork again- this time it was pink. Many neighbors who saw this were very excited for her arrival!

The boys love holding Emily and Hunter asks to have her every chance he gets.

Blake reaches his hands out eagerly for baby sister (he calls her Bobby- which is ironic because that is the boy name we would have named the baby had it been a boy).

So cute all curled up

Overall, the first two weeks have flown by. We have ventured out a couple of times and Emily has done great each time. The boys are doing well with a new little one in the house. They love her and the only issue we have is between the two of them- lots of squabbles over toys, who had what, etc. I think we can manage though!

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