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Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Been A Long Time...

Palm Sunday our church had their annual Egg Hunt. The boys were very excited to get their first egg hunt underway and had no interest in pictures for mommy.

A family pic on the lawn. I had the best Sunday teaching Hunter's class that morning. Being Palm Sunday, we of course covered Jesus' triumphal entry, but the most precious part was taking the class into the sanctuary waving their palm leaves. We got to sit at the front of the sanctuary and hear the story. The kids were so precious.

Easter weekend we split between Waco and San Antonio. On Saturday, we were in Waco and got to go to Ridgewood CC's Easter celebration. This year, they had a camel to ride. Guess who rode that camel? Me and the boys! Her name was Coco Chanel and like me, she was expecting. Poor Coco- that's a rough job for a mama-to-be!!

Blake and the "Easter Bunny." Hunter refused to take his picture with the bunny, and I cannot say I blame him. It's a little creepy.

Blake totally got the concept of picking up eggs and putting them into his basket. He even figured out how to shake them to see what was inside. Smart boy!

Making our way around. The boys were mesmerized by this animal. No one said a word the entire time we were riding.

As usual, Hunter had a blast with David and Ryan.

Back in SA, we went to church and then came and had Easter lunch at my parents' house. It was a wonderful day and the boys had a great time. Hunter made the neatest thing at school- a Resurrection Box. Inside, it had 10 little items that symbolized something important about the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. Hunter was able to take each one out and explain that part of the story to me. It was so incredible to hear him and know that he understood the story.

The boys were eager to get out the door the morning we went to the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Witte Museum. I grabbed my camera just in time to see this act of brotherly love- or probably more like, "Hurry up and get in the car so we can go see the dinosaurs!" We had a great time and both boys loved it!

Blake LOVES to be read to. His favorite books are.... Goodnight Moon, Big Book of Trucks, Big Book of Animals, Pat the Bunny, Moo Baa La, La, La.... I found him in the rocker the other day just reading away. So cute!

We spent a weekend at the lake "working" to get things ready for the summer. The boys worked hard out in the yard and mom and I cleaned like crazy. We got lots checked off the list chore-wise. Of course, we did manage to fit in some fun while we were there. No weekend at the lake is complete without being smashed into a stiff life jacket and taken on a boat ride.

Then, as luck would have it, the bluebonnets were beautiful all around the lake house. So before we left, I insisted on snapping a couple of the boys in the flowers. They were not in the outfits I would have wanted had I had the choice, but they turned out pretty good for being a last minute thing.

Fiesta was a busy week around here. Chris and I had several nights in a row of events. One that we really enjoyed was Town Club. The theme this year was Roaring 20's, so I was a pregnant flapper. We had a great time!

More later....

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