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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthdays...mud pies...and Baby Boo growing in size

We celebrated Chris' 31st birthday on Friday. It was very low-key and just the 4 of us. When he got home from a round of golf, we sent him on his birthday scavenger hunt around the house. Hunter was a great helper and pointed out several of the hiding spots and treats that awaited him along the way. The most fun was the last place he had to look- our shower. Hunter was waiting there with silly string and cascarones to make a royal mess. Chris pulled his white golf shirt off just in time for the silly string to fly. Blake got in on the action too and didn't quite understand what was showering down on his head.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we had background music provided for our listening entertainment. Blake and the harmonica are a great pair!

Hunter and Daddy sharing a laugh over one of the silly cards we picked out. I let Hunter pick his own card this year and he insisted on a musical card that had a big beer belly gut on the front. Lovely!

"Don't mind if I do Dad!"

"What is all this mess about?"

On Saturday, we had a beautiful and very warm day. We spent the majority of it outside and after a quick hosing of the porch and the porch furniture, there was a very good size puddle, mud and all, on the front walk. It was too hard to resist! I let the boys splash around and get completely covered in the muck. They had the BEST time. Chris and I just sat in the grass watching them have the best time. What a fun memory!

Hunter calls this move his "rad move."

We still need to talk over names for this baby. We decided it would be best to call it by a nickname for the time being to help us really feel attached. It's harder to identify with this little person not knowing what he or she is. I hope that's not a terrible thing to say. So, here are some of the past belly shots of Baby Boo.
This is late February- so I think I was 19 weeks along here.

This is at nearly 25 weeks. Baby Boo is growing fast!

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