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Friday, March 26, 2010

Once upon a time.... a city called San Antonio, lived two of the cutest little boys you have ever seen. Their mommy did not blog often enough to record their fun memories, so she finally had to sit down and tell it like a story for everyone to see what fun things they had been up to.

Back in the month of February, they traveled a short and very "worth it" distance to the city of New Braunfels to play at the NB Children's Museum. Boy oh boy did they have a great time! Their very best friends, Kate and Luke, came along for the adventure. They also met their new friend, Rhett, while they were there.
Hunter enjoyed playing in the camping area and kayaking to Nowhere Land on the carpet river. :)

Blake, a water maniac, loved the outdoor water tables and even though he couldn't quite reach to get into too much trouble, he was in heaven.

Blake and Luke, both 15 months old, shared their shopping duties in the grocery store.

My little doctor in training.

And this was the end result of a fine day at the Children's Museum. Sweet victory!

Then, to cap off a month of rodeo in San Antonio, Cowboy Kevin visited Hunter's school and did some really impressive rope tricks. Hunter was mesmorized by his cool tricks.

We ended the month of February with a trip up 35 once again. This time it was to Waco to see the Jones crew. The boys had a great time as they always do. There was lots of fun to be had.

To get March rolling, we took a morning train ride through the park.

So then things got really exciting around here. We had a notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago that our street was slated to be repaved. Well, boy were we excited when the tractors, scrapers, sweepers and dump trucks descended upon our street. It was a sight to see. The boys loved the action and we spent a good morning out front in the grass, eating snack and watching the "workin' men" as Hunter calls them.

They thought it was big time entertainment for sure!!

In honor of Daddy's 31st birthday, we went out to dinner last night with the Stouffer family. Mommy took the opportunity of two clean and tidy boys to take some pictures out front. Here is my handsome four year old...

...and my precious and looking quite chub one year old.

Nothing better than brothers!

The two sets of matching boys at dinner. Hunter and Blake were intentionally matching, but Dad and Uncle Blake were not. So funny!

We have wonderful and impecable manners at restaurants...

...can't you tell??

So that brings you up to date with just a few things left out. Those will have to get addressed in other story from the Jones family. And they lived happily ever after. The END.

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Kristin Stouffer said...

love it! thanks for finally posting. the pic of dad and blake matching and the boys matching is too cute!