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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a....

....healthy baby! We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning. It was so exciting to see the baby on the screen moving and opening it's little mouth. The baby seemed to enjoy having their hands up by their face. It was cute to watch. Several times during our ultrasound, he/she yawned really big and we could see their tongue.

Here is Baby Jonesie's little profile. So cute and I think he/she looks like their daddy. Cutie pie!

The "sonographer" (not sure if that is her official title or not) is so sweet. Hazel showed us to her little room and got us set up. She is the same person who did the sonogram on Blake only a little less than 2 years ago. She truly is the sweetest lady.

We told her that we were hoping to keep the gender a surprise and if she could just give us a heads up to turn away we would happily do so. So, we got settled and first and foremost we saw a little heart beating away. She made way through her checklist of things to look at and as she moved I just relaxed more and more as we saw what a healthy little baby we had. Such a huge blessing and answer to prayer!

At one point, I mentioned to Hazel to let us know when she was heading down "that way" and we wouldn't look. Her response to me...."Oh, I already know." What?? I couldn't believe that I hadn't caught a glimpse of anything. I had pegged it on both boys before the sonographer had to say a word. I had myself convinced I was very good at seeing the gender. Apparently not! She must have seen the parts when I didn't even know what I was looking at. Sometimes it's like that in a sonogram- the angles and areas she is able to pick up are so hard to tell. I just figured a gender shot would be really obvious. For all I know, the baby could have been spread eagle and I missed it.

Point is, WE STAYED STRONG! I cannot believe it to tell the truth. This is SO against my personality in every single way, but it's going to be fun. Keeping the mystery going is going to be interesting for sure.

We will have to get on the ball and start really coming up with names. Pray that Chris feels as strong of a bond this time around as the last 2. For him, it has been important to find out each time and it seems to really connect with him when he knows a person to "get to know." If that makes sense at all. I know he will enjoy the thrill of the moment when we get to it, but I want him to enjoy the anticipation too. Talk about against personalities- this is compltely off his norm.
A little foot and then below an arm and a foot.

Baby Jonesie's face with mouth open from the side view and another view from the front. Baby liked to open his/her mouth alot!

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