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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Only a week left....

....until my big 20 week sonogram. Wow! This is flying by too quickly for me. I remember with Hunter reading my Pregnancy Journal every night and taking in all of the details and information like it was my job. I knew what week and what exact day I was the entire time.

With Blake, I was pretty good about reading the Journal, writing in my own journal and knew fairly well what week I was.

Now, this time... the weeks seem to fly faster than I can count. The journal sits open on my bedside table and I read several days at once. I am constantly amazed at all of the intricate development taking place. My anxiety is much worse this time around. I hear this is very normal but I will be so glad to see that little baby with all of it's fingers and toes on that ultrasound. We are still in a toss up about whether or not to find out this time around. We did with both boys which was still such a thrill. I was completely wrong with both of them- oops! So much for motherly instinct!

This time, knowing this is our last baby, I cannot decide. Chris will do whatever I decide, but we all know that if he had his choice he would find out. I'm just thinking if I can make it past that day not knowing I can make it to the end. I know it would just be amazing to meet that little person the day they are born and be totally and completely surprised. I have no feeling this time (perhaps because I have been so wrong before) as to whether it's a boy or girl. I have felt the best this time, feel the like I look the ugliest and am carrying wide. Who knows?! With Hunter I was low and felt ok, with Blake I was high and felt crummy and this one is wide and I feel like a million bucks but look like crud. The wives' tales do not apply to me. Heartbeats... you know they say 140 and below is boy. Well that was Hunter to a T. His never went over 155 but usually hovered around 139-144. Blake's was everywhere from 155 to 178, which is supposedly girl territory. This baby is around 155ish everytime. Seriously, I do not conform to any wives' tales or superstitions. Love to know what you all think this baby is.....

This is a portrait Hunter took of me at 19 weeks. Hmmm.... no head. Oh well, you are not missing much.

Hunter on Pajama and Pancake day for school.

My wild man! Blake sporting his first mohawk at the lake.

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Spotted-Bird said...

I think it is a girl and hoping it is a girl. You need some more girl power in the house of boys. I really hope you find out because July seems so far away.