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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nueve Meses

Guess who's 9 months old??? You guessed it!

I cannot believe Blake is 9 months old already. We had his well visit on Monday and he is healthy as can be. He weighs in at 17 lbs 3 oz and is 28 inches long. It's funny to me that he started out so much bigger than Hunter at birth, and now he is 3 and a half pounds lighter than Hunter was at this age. For as much as Blake eats, we can chalk his weight (or lack thereof) to a fantastic metabolism. Lucky boy!

At 9 months...
**Blake loves to say Da Da or something close to it. Sometimes it's A-Da or Da-A.
**He's incredible at making noise with his mouth. This boy can motorboat!
**Blake is either the quietest in the room or the loudest. When he makes himself known, you can't miss it!
**He still nurses 4 times a day, sometimes 5 and has 3 hearty meals a day that consist of ANY baby food- he loves them all, and whatever we are eating. He has had spaghetti, pancakes, chicken, brocolli, mashed potatoes...
**He usually eats with his left hand and grabs handfuls at a time.
**Blake wears a 2-3 diaper and wears 9 month to 12 month clothes.
**He does not crawl at this point, but can scoot on his tummy...backwards.
**Blake's favorite activity is to play on the floor with toys. He's not too interested in the exersaucer or the jumper.
**Blakey loves the water. He loves a bath and usually cries when I have to take him out and he squeals with excitement when we are in the pool.
**Blake goes down at 7 and is up about 6:30ish. Not bad!
**He takes 2 naps a day, sometimes a little catnap later in the afternoon if he wakes up early from his afternoon nap.
**Squeezes his fists either in frustration or excitement. Depends on the moment.

Now... on to Hunter.
His latest antics, let's see. He asked me the other day, "Mom, are you nice?"

He is into Play-Doh big time these days. He can pull out this glob of play-doh that is now gray because it is all colors combined and make little hills for his cars to drive on and his little men to play in.

Our tradition this summer is for him to come out with me in the evenings when I water the front yard. San Antonio is on severe water restrictions, so the only way to water your yard is to hand water with a hose except for your assigned day. Well, with 50+ days over 100 degrees, you have to water more than once a week. Anywho, Hunter comes out with me and loves to get sprayed while he's running around the yard. It's just so "summertime" to me.

His favorite thing to watch on TV these days...
Wipeout! Have you seen it? It's hilarious and basically 3 year old humor. Laughing at people as they wipeout. What could be funnier?

Hunter will be starting school in September. He's still going Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning.

Back with pictures soon!!

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