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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Horse and the Bird

Blake has an unbelievable appetite. At 8 1/2 months old, he can throw down some serious food. I wish I had the pictures to back all of these up, but here goes.

The other night at my parents, he ate 2 Stage 2 baby foods- Sweet Potatoes and Peas. Then he had some milk. Then, he manage to eat 1 1/2 crescent rolls, small bits of chicken, avocado and an entire slice of mango salad.

The next night, Chris and I ventured to a new Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. I had fed Blake his 2 baby foods at the table, some Gerber puffs and little bits of motzerella cheese from our appetizer. I ordered spaghetti for myself, and as soon as he saw it on the table, it was clear that the boy had to have himself some "skettie" as Hunter calls it. He grabbed it by the fistful and ate like a champ!

"Mmmm!" - Notice the cool right arm off to the side- he ALWAYS sits like this and eats with his left hand. Hmm? Maybe he's going to be left-handed like his mama!

Last night, I made grilled chicken, salad, black-eyed peas and green beans. He ate his usual baby food and then managed to eat small bites of chicken, several green beans, the black-eyed-peas and avocado! Unreal! He doesn't even seem finished after that- I think he could keep on eating. The boy eats like a horse!

"What mom? I don't want to get a bath! I'm not finished!"

What's funny is that Hunter is now the opposite- he eats like a bird these days. He's always been a great eater, but at this stage, he's just not that interested.
The other night, I made pasta with brocolli and chicken and Hunter told me,
"Don't make this again mom." Well, alrighty then.


Ebes said...

hahah...that last pic is a classic!

Becky said...

Gotta love how brutally honest kids can be - that is so funny. Y'all sound great. Wish we could see you guys and them more often! Miss you!