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Monday, June 3, 2013

And continued again!

The Dell Children's event in February. Such a fun night! Way to go Kristin on planning such an incredible fundraiser!

School days- Blake and Emily went Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each had a great year! Blakey Boo loved Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Amy and Emily loved her first year with Ms. Vangie and Ms. Nancy.

Hunter rode to school on his bike a couple of times this spring.

My loves on Mother's Day

Such a wonderful day to relish the job I've been blessed with to be these 3's mom.

Finally hot enough to pull out the water toys!

Class field trip to Fiesta Farms- such a fun and wonderful day!

This little lady got the royal treatment for the first time while Blake had a special splash day at school.

Our littlest ball player

He had the most fun season on The Diggers

Hunter had a great year on the Hornets

E is obsessed with the dogs these days. She often has them leashed up and locked in her closet. Poor things!

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