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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Middle child syndrome

Poor Blakey- he gets jipped from time to time. Thankfully he has Aunt Kristin who is very aware of the middle child position and she advocates for him and reminds me not to forget. So, seeing as his 4th birthday was over a month ago, I am finally writing a post about what 4 year old Blake is up to.

Blake is into all things super hero, costumes, making secret hide outs, Ninja Turtles, and making epic messes 10 times a day.

He still loves football, golf and soccer. He insists on wearing his football jerseys- even to school sometimes. He is always up for a good time.

He was very excited at his soccer party to receive an honest to goodness trophy. He will play t-ball next.

Blake is still joined at the hip with his bestest buddy, Luke. They have the best time together and are quite the duo at school.

To celebrate the boys' 4th birthday, we did a tailgate party again. It was a lot of fun and the boys had a great time.

Blake adores Emily and hunter- he is truly the sweetest little guy. Of all of our kids, he's the one that will come up to you out of the blue to tell you he loves you. Melts your heart!

Words to describe Blake- spunky, funny, sweet, loving, goofy, stubborn, headstrong, generous, cuddly, independent, tender hearted, spirited, all boy!

Typical silliness

We have been so proud of how he has taken private golf lessons with Hunter and his friends. Blake has done incredibly and really has a talent for golf. See him bringing up the rear? Too cute!

Blake with his uncle Blake. My prayer for both of my boys is that they grow up to be men of integrity like their daddy, their grandfathers and their uncles. We have lots of amazing and strong role models for our boys. Uncle B is getting ready for his own little boy to join this family and we cannot wait for our first cousin on the Stouffer side.

This sweet boy has us wrapped around his finger! He's truly the kid everyone wants to take home with them. Blake, we love you more than words can express. It's so fun watching you grow and learn and become a little boy. God has great things in store for you and we are privileged to have front row seats! We love you!
-mommy and daddy

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