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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dear Emily,
One typical Friday night, we were home together while the boys went to Redbox for a movie. As I cleaned up the kitchen, I was completely unaware of artistic measures being executed mere feet away from me. Oh the pride you had in a job well done. Many have asked what my first reaction was....and it was sheer shock. I believe God was gracious to me at that moment and gave me perspective and humor over the entire episode. So, I immediately grabbed my camera and began taking pictures.

You are so thorough. You don't miss a detail. Your lips were so perfectly colored, each toenail filled in and even the bottoms of your feet marked. Proud you were!

Luckily- it was washable and not on any other surface. However, you did not learn your lesson. Why, you ask? Well, I found
You this morning scribbling with a ball point pen on my bed skirt. Sweet girl- stick to paper.

Love you most!

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