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Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

We have enjoyed every minute of this week off.

We kicked it off early with Blake and Luke's 4th birthday. We did the tailgate party again and had a great time!

That weekend, Blake played in his last soccer game of the season. We went to the Alamo Heights Parade that evening and then to The Purple Garlic for dinner.

Sunday, we went to church and started pulling out Christmas decorations.

Monday....We went to the Witte- pics on my good camera. We took Christmas card pictures too.

Tuesday....We got a head start on decorating. Emily played on my tree skirt with her babies.

Wednesday- we went and saw Wreck it Ralph, scoped out the toys at Learning Express and played at Sha Sha and Babs all afternoon with Aunt Kristin. That night we went to Longhorn Cafe for burgers (or the restaurant with the little house according to Blake).

Here is my veggie tray for Thanksgiving. Its a turkey!
I also made the mashed potatoes. This was day two of strep throat for me.

Ending the night in a big tshirt and heading out to roast s'mores.

Friday- we left for Waco. E and I shopped with Mimi and we all went to El Con for dinner. That night, E was diagnosed with and ear infection and Dr. B looked in my throat to confirm what I already figured.

Saturday- with several of the Joneses sick, we left to come
Home after breakfast. We were able to rest and run a few errands. Chris had strep throat by this time.

Sunday- with so many of us sick and on antibiotics, we didnt go to church. We finished the Christmas tree and the outside lights.

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