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Friday, December 23, 2011

6 Years Old

6 years ago, as of December 15, I became a mom. It will forever stand as the most incredible day of my entire life and I know Chris feels the same way. Looking back, every detail, even the mundane ones, are as clear as if they just happened. It all seems so vivid- perhaps since it was all the first time and like nothing I had ever experienced. Hunter was due on Christmas day, but as we approach and I progressed very quickly through the month of December, my doctor felt comfortable inducing on Friday, Dec. 16th. So, after a final visit on the 14th, I decided to take the 15th off of work and just enjoy my last day before his arrival. Little did I know that he would decide to make his debut that evening. I can still remember lying on the couch, watching The Food Network and talking on the phone that afternoon. I remember rubbing my lower back thinking it was hurting every couple of minutes (you would think that would be obvious), I remember hanging up the phone to call my doctor, I remember leaning over my kitchen island in pain asking her if this could possibly be something, I remember having the phone ring a few minutes later to my doctor saying "This is it!", I remember calling Chris to come home and also giving my mom the heads up, I remember putting flip flops on because it was too hard to put anything more complicated on my feet, I remember Chris loading the car and asking him to pose for one last shot outside the car, I remember being very grateful for heated seats with back pains getting worse and worse, I remember trying to reach his parents with no luck, I remember adrenaline kicking in once we arrived- I carried some of my stuff upstairs to L&D, I remember getting gowned up and realizing the adrenaline was wearing off and I was hurting, I remember the nurse checking me right away and being at a 9 already, I remember thinking labor was like no pain I could have ever imagined or described, I remember making it to the epidural and feeling like a new person afterwards, I remember a labor room filled with friends and family like it was a party, I remember my doctor rolling in and things getting started, I remember being in shock that 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital it was time to meet him, I remember hearing Chris say "Hey buddy" as soon as Hunter arrived, I remember the thrill and utter amazement of holding my precious newborn son in my arms, I remember looking at his face and feeling like I had always known him, I remember my heart just exploding with love for the most wonderful addition to our lives... I will always remember.

Now that baby is six. SIX! He is growing into a young boy and we are so proud of him.
You are our pride and joy along with your brother and sister. I see so much of myself in you as the oldest child. You strive for perfection, you are a pleaser, you are a rule follower and wise beyond your years. At the same time, you have the most sincere innocence. You love to tease and play. I love this stage of life with you and treasure the stages past. It breaks my heart to remember all the fun I've had with you and the bond that has deepened over the years. It's just hard to believe so many fun years have passed and now I look ahead praying for more sweet years ahead.

You have the most unbelievable memory and amaze your daddy and I with all you can recall. You are a mathematical thinker and can compute numbers in your head- it puts me to shame since I am not wired that way. You love your family- immediate and beyond and love to spend time with them. You still want to be tucked in every night with the same blankets- first your soft covers, then the cold covers, then your 2 night nights. It's sweetness. You love to imagine and play. You color and draw with precision. You are very creative and artistic. You learn things fast and work hard to do well. You play soccer, baseball, golf, tennis and have taken karate. You are getting ready to play basketball.

You have a heart that knows and loves God. I love to talk to you and pray with you and hear what is on your heart.

Hunter, 6 years has passed way too quickly. It seems like yesterday you were that little baby in my arms, or the toddler talking up a storm in the backseat. Now, I have a kindergartner just growing up before my eyes. It's my greatest honor to be your mom. I love you more than you will ever know!

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