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Friday, December 23, 2011

5th Annual Santa Party

Starting when Hunter was little, we have done a Santa Party continuing a family tradition that my parents did when we were little. With Hunter having a "Christmas" birthday, it was great for a couple of years for him to have his birthday party with Santa there. Now, it is a great family party that we host each year and it's such a fun time to see friends and we have such a great time every year. I feel like we are in the most magical time right now. Hunter believes so much- he came running when I told him Santa was here.

He was full of things to tell Santa- he wants an electric scooter, a pogo swing, R2D2 robot and other fun things. Blake wants a bike. Hunter loved talking to Santa and told him that he "still hears the bell." So sweet. Santa told him that he hopes he never stops hearing the bell.

Emily was not too pleased with our trying to get her picture with Santa.

In this picture, Santa is looking at something Hunter made him. He ended up leaving it at our house so he wrote Hunter a personal note that was delivered the next day that told Hunter to leave it by the tree and Santa would take it when he came on Christmas Eve.

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