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Friday, April 15, 2011

F-I-E-S-T-A spells FIESTA!!!

We are nearing the end of another very fun week of San Antonio Fiesta. We had lots of fun this past week and are beat! It all started last Sunday with Fiesta Fireworks-except this year the Jones family did not get to attend. All 3 had been running fever so we sat out. A doctor visit the next day brought news of Emily's first ear infection and a chest cold that had settled in the boys chests. So we had antibiotics times 3.

Monday night, Hunter and I went downtown with friends for the TX Cavalier's River Parade. Since my dad is a Cavalier, every man in the uniform was someone on Bab's team to Hunter. It was a fun night and we had front row seats in an incredible area of the river. The kids loved it.

Tuesday night, Chris and I had Town Club party and Thursday night was the German Club. Both are great fun and we enjoy the chance to see friends that we don't normally get the chance to see often. They are both really great parties.

On Wednesday, we were up at the church (also Hunter's preschool) and attended his Shoebox Parade. Everyone decorates their own shoebox to be their Fiesta Float. It's so much fun and the kids love showing off their creation. Parents come with cameras in hand and take pictures, cheer the kids along and follow the parade as it goes through the school and around the entire church. It's so cute!!

Friday, we skipped the Battle of Flowers parade and went to the Cavalier's party at the pool. I finally got myself a gordita- an absolute must during Fiesta!! For those not from San Antonio, the dress code changes a bit during Fiesta. Mexican dresses and bright colorful prints, ruffles, Guayaberas for the boys, fun jewelry and revelry are all in order for your wardrobe. It's common to hear people comment on an outfit and say, "That would be perfect for Fiesta!"

Blake's Guayabera is from 1986- it's my brother Blake's!!

You also get Fiesta medals from each event, so Hunter has been collecting his from everything we have gone to. He's up to over 50 in his collection.

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