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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

9 Months

Emily turned 9 months old this weekend on April 2. We went in yesterday for her 9 month check up.
Weight- 17 lbs 5 oz (25%)
Height- 27 1/2" (50%)

She continues to only want table food, but I am adding in some baby food to get a little variety. She's not the biggest eater so I have to really be creative to get all of the food groups incorporated. She still LOVES her bottle. She is napping two times a day and is down around 7 at night and up around 7 in the morning.

Full speed ahead- Emily is a master crawler and has been moving around since 7 1/2 months. She pulls up on everything and is getting braver by the day. We are learning to move our feet to adjust our standing position.

She is interested and tickled by all of the things the boys do. It's not uncommon to see her with a car in her hand or a nerf dart (don't worry- I am always at hand to make sure it's safe).

No teeth yet for Emmy-Lou. She is the toothless wonder! Her hair is coming in thicker on the top and is blonde with little highlights of strawberry blonde. I am jealous of her eyelashes! They are thick and long, but very light.

She moved at 8 1/2 months to a carseat from the infant carrier. It was pulling my neck and shoulder out carting that thing around, so I was ready to make the move.

Emily always loves to be around the girls. It's like she knows she's in the company of others like her. I love this pic of her and Kate watching cowboy Kevin.

Although terribly cliche, Emily is such a happy baby. She is smiling and waving all of the time. She is starting to get a little stranger anxiety and will cling tightly to me, especially if any man other than daddy wants to hold her. She is a little love bug!
I love this picture too and have had the hardest time getting it to cooperate. Sorry, but it's too cute to not have.

I have been so blessed with such an easy, happy baby for the last 9 months. We have had so much fun and can't imagine our little family without her. She's like the cherry on top- so sweet, and so perfectly fitting to top us off!

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Summer Jones said...

Sweet kisses to Miss Em!