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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

18 month check up

Today was Blake's 18 month checkup. He did great and has a clean bill of health. We started the visit out with a finger prick, but Blakers did awesome. Didn't flinch an inch and sat there like a great sport. All of the blood work came back perfect. Praise God!

Then, it was off to get weighed and measured. Blake still has quite the noggin. It measures in the 75th percentile. He weights 24 lbs 5 oz which is in the 25th percentile. He is 31 1/2 inches tall which is also in the 25th percentile. Looking at Blake in person it is hard to believe he's in the 25%. He looks and feels much bigger than that.

Let's see, Blake's current vocabulary is small but gets the point across. He has the point and grunt method down. Also, the "fuss until you get what you want" mode is highly popular around here! He can say:
dah- dog
da da- Daddy
wah wah- water
ba- ball
ba- baa for sheep
uh oh
pa pa- pop pop (our word for pacifier)
shakes head no
cah- car
uck- duck
ah- hot (and holds hand out to show you)

*He is climbing lots
*sounds like he's singing and loves to dance to any music anywhere
*still LOVES to swim and will completely submerge himself underwater and is not scared at all
*loves bathtime and splashes enough to drench the bathtub area and the bather (me)
*is a great helper at clean-up time and knows where to put things
*wants pop pop and night night at all times if I let him
*knows where I keep freshly baked cookies and stands and points up to them
*goes down about 7:00 usually and is up a bit before 7am
*loves playing with Hunter and doing what he does
*new favorite toy is shape sorter that he hammers the shapes through their holes- we do this OVER and OVER
*plays cars like Hunter used to- lays on carpet and watches the wheels moving
*still a great eater- especially at dinner time
*loves to play outside in the sandbox, at the water table or on the playground
*loves his Sha Sha and Babs when they come over
*cried when Aunt Kristin left the other day- they have a special bond for sure!
*loves MiMi and Bapa too!
*is OVER THE MOON for Da Da

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