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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hunter's 3rd Birthday!

Santa cupcakes I made for Hunter's party.

Hunter had a great 3rd Birthday! We celebrated with a fun party Saturday. He loved his new bounce house from Mimi and Bapa and wanted to jump late into the night. We had Santa come again and that was a hit. It's always fun to see the kids' reactions to Santa.

At school on Tuesday, he got to wear a crown and had "Happy Birthday" sung to him in chapel. It was precious to watch! At his 3 year appointment everything was right on track. When I told him that he was going to get one shot, he surprised me by saying, "Ok, I'll roll up my pants and she can give me my shot right here on my leg." He did not even flinch and was a total sport! Wow! I'm not even that good.

The family after Hunter's fun party!

Hunter and Blake with Santa!

Hunter telling Santa what a good golfer his Daddy is.

Jumping like crazy in his new bounce house!

Hunter in chapel with his crown on.

My boys!

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Spotted-Bird said...

That is so sweet! Happy Birthday Hunter.