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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beach!

We had the best time in Port A- just the 3 of us! We headed out Sunday morning and arrived just in time to grab a late lunch and make it to the beach that very afternoon. We stuffed ourselves silly at Virginia's and enjoyed sitting and watching the sunset over the marina.

Daddy and Hunter on the ferry ride over. Hunter was in awe- a little speechless.

Our first family picture that first afternoon. Daddy, Hunter and Mommy!

Hunter's 1st sandcastle... pre-destruction. That's all he wanted to do once you built something, just smash it!

I think this will be a blow up picture- so cute! Hunter warmed up more and more to the waves each day. By the last day, he was running out ahead of us, wanting to jump over the waves.

Daddy and Hunter having a great time. Hunter would wrap his arm around Chris' shoulder and pat him like he was the one reassuring him that "It's ok."

The boys on the hunt for sand crabs Monday night. I was not included in the adventure on Tuesday night.

Off they go...

Having a great time looking! He loved having control of the flashlight best!

Posing by my sand sign- Hunter 2008! Thought it'd be a fun pic to get each year when we go.

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